The magic of life changing and some tidying up

I own the KonMari book, of course. One time I really got inspired by it and decided to pay more attention to the struggles my bag had to go through daily. Or as a mother of two boys under school age at that time, all the bags we carried with us back from the office and the kindergarten. So, as the book told me, one day I decided I would empty the bags neatly after we got home. Motivated by the thought of a zen-like clutterless entrance to our home I started the quest. It was November or something and in Helsinki that means that the kids bring home stuff full of wet dirt. After 40 minutes I was ready and so tired that I couldn’t cook us dinner anymore. I had to decide: either the bags would rest or I would.


Another 30+ woman who has read the KonMari book is Ali Wong. One day I bumped into her Netflix comedy special. (The readers of this blog must really think I watch Netflix and YouTube all the time. Which I do.) Do you know the feeling when you wet your pants laughing at a stand up show and then realize that you are the joke? No? Well, I do.


I could basically relate to almost everything she was joking about from the hardships of going to the toilet at the office to the sorry state one is in after giving birth. But, especially to everything women my age seem to do to reach our ”optimal potential”. Like throwing away stuff and doing what Oprah and Deepak tell us.


Well, when the jokes come from a woman who has named her baby ”Mari”, I would like to think that she is laughing with me rather than at me.


Sometimes I feel like this whole thing about trying to find my ”true calling” is nothing but a way to spend time as a spoiled Western woman who has received a free academic education. I mean – is this just some way to create a problem where there isn’t one?


In one way it is. Like my dear wise friend told me today on WhatsApp, when I was complaining about my lack of belief in succeeding with my new direction: no one gives a s***. And she was also friendly enough to tell me that she could not care less if I succeeded professionally or not, if I was a great coaching entrepeneur or a famous blogger or anything. That was a very unconditionally loving thing to say.


On the other hand, I somehow feel like being part of some kind of a new era, where work is considered something else than just a struggle to make ends meet or to be a respectable citizen. When I think about it, time and again I come to the conclusion that it is actually very crucial that we keep thinking about the reasons we are working and the things we want to contribute to the world. Of course there are other kinds of lives too, every single one of them important, that is the whole point. The world needs all sorts of paths and not everyone has to look for a calling. But if you are interested in it and feel the urge to do that, that is probably what you should do. So what if you don’t even find it? No one gives a s***, but you’ve probably learned something about life and yourself.


So, the joke might as well be on me. At least I am still laughing at this point. My dad on the other hand, whom we assisted to move into a smaller apartment before I left to Germany, did not laugh or become a KonMari fan when I freed him of the emotional burden of owning a battery charger for his phone. But that was probably just because he is of another generation.


Elämän mullistamisen taika ja hieman siivousasiaa

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